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Article discussing the Forbes celebrity 100 list for 2006.
Includes a list of the top 10 most powerful celebrities for the year.

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The Forbes Celebrity list for 2006 has been released by the Forbes business magazine. Their annual list of the top 100 celebrities has the star of Mission Impossible and "War of the Worlds", Tom Cruise at the top of the rankings. The actor has jumped on the couch of Oprah Winfrey proclaiming his love for Katie Holmes and now has a daughter with her. His estimated pay for the year was $67 million.

The Celebrities 100 list is not just measured by the earning power of each celebrity, but also by a number of factors devised by Forbes to measure the overall power and/or popularity of them. Some factors include the number of times the celebrity was searched for online, how many times they have appeared on the cover of popular magazines, and the number of stories that have been printed about them in the media.

The top ten was filled with household names mostly from the film, television, or music industry. The few from other industries in the top ten included the radio talkshow host Howard Stern, the golfer Tiger Woods, and the author of the popular "Da Vinci Code" book Dan Brown.

Break-ups, marriages, births, and controversies of any kind helped many of the top one hundred celebrities in 2006. Tied in 35th position were Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, while their love interest or ex-love interest Brad Pitt is in position 20 this year.

The youngest listing on the Celebrity power list is the professional golfer Michelle Wie in 74th position. The young sixteen year old earned an estimated $17 million with the help of high profile endorsement deals from companies like Nike and Sony.

Boxer Muhammad Ali sold the rights to his name and likeness for an estimated $50 million and made it to an impressive thirteenth on the list. The three-time heavyweight champion earned about $55 million this year, which is up from his usual $4 to $7 million.

Top Ten Most Powerful Celebrities Ranked by Forbes
  1. Tom Cruise - Famous Actor
  2. Rolling Stones - Rock Group
  3. Oprah Winfrey - Talkshow Host
  4. U2 - Pop Group
  5. Tiger Woods - Famous Golfer
  6. Steven Spielberg - Movie Director
  7. Howard Stern - Shock-Jock Radio Host
  8. 50 Cent - Famous Rap Singer
  9. Cast of The Sopranos - Hit Television Series about the Mafia
  10. Dan Brown - Famous Fiction Author

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Forbes Celebrity List review.
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