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According to the press, Chris Brown, alleged perpetrator in the Rihanna assault that took place just before the Grammy Awards in 2009, will not be serving any time in jail. Instead, Chris Brown has reached a plea agreement in which he will serve probation and perform community service.

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Up until June 22, 2009, Rihanna, the victim, was silent on the case but was subpoenaed to appear in court to testify against Brown. Brown agreed to a plea deal shortly before she was to give her statement.

As a result of pleading guilty to assault, Brown, age 20, will spend five years on probation and is sentenced to 180 days of community service in his home state of Virginia. In addition to the conventional penalties, Brown will also pay fines and complete a year of domestic violence classes. He is also ordered to stay a minimum of fifty yards away from his victim, Rihanna, unless at a public or promotional event in which the distance is set at a minimum of ten yards. As a part of the restrictions, Brown is ordered to refrain from any contact with Rihanna, including phones, emails, and texts.

If Brown acts in violation of his probation, the singer will be sentenced to four years in prison. As of June 22, 2009, formal sentencing was scheduled for August 5, 2009 at which time the courts will address the second charge of criminal threats.

Despite Rihanna's attendance at the court house, the singer, 21, never appeared in court with Brown. Instead, the judge brought her in separately to discuss the terms of the plea agreement. Rihanna said very little to the judge, simply thanking him before being escorted out of court. She had asked for the least-restrictive stay-away order to be given to Brown and the judge agreed to consider it at the formal hearing in August.

According to police reports, Brown and Rihanna had gotten into an argument only hours before both were scheduled to perform at the Grammy Awards. Brown had become angry after Rihanna read text messages to him sent from another woman while they were driving in Brown's car. Brown allegedly tried to force her out of the car, hit her head against the passenger window, and began punching her while continuing to drive. When she faked a phone call to her assistant telling her to get the police, Brown allegedly threatened to kill her.

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Chris Brown and Rihanna Controversy - Assault Scandal
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