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American Rap Singer - G-Unit (Also known as Fiddy, Fifity Cent, or just Fifty)
born : Curtis James Jackson, Queens, NYC, United States of America 1975, July 6
famous for : His hardcore gangsta rap, G-Unit, and his relationship with Dr Dre and Eminem.
lives: USA.

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I'm not in control of these situations and I feel like to be upset or down about something I can't control is just being weak and wasting energy.
50 Cent -
Overcome - Weakness - Control

To me, rappers are liars until I see that their actions coincide with what they said through the music. Me, I put my situations down and I make fun of them.
50 Cent -
Rap - Lies - Music

I don't get worked up or excited about situations I can't control because it's not in my power, so I might appear crazy to some people.
50 Cent -
Control - Crazy - Power

Eminem is the rapper's rapper. He listens to everything. Every word, every slang, if you change something he's going to hear it all.
50 Cent -
Rap - Music

Eminem is so talented it becomes annoying. Every time we go to the studio, he's got something new to play and it's like "Oh man, I gotta have something new to play, too."
50 Cent -
Rap - Music

Your first reaction is to move and then the shots is going off and you jumping around the backseat. I was scared the whole time. Ain't nobody gonna tell you they ain't scared in that situation. It's a hit, man. You supposed to die in that situation. They're not playing.
50 Cent -
Death - Fear

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