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American Singer - Beyonce Knowles (also called Beyonce)
born : Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, Houston, Texas, United States of America 1981, September 4
famous for : Being in the R&B girl group Destiny's Child, making a successful solo career in music, dancing, and for being an actress. Beyonce's partner is the rapper Jay-Z.
lives: USA

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Trust is really important, just in relationships in general. I really don't like people that aren't real people around me at all. I don't like people that are "yes" people. I don't like people that tell me what they think I want to hear.
Beyonce Knowles -
Relationships - Trust - Truth

My balance comes from my family. I have reality around me, and they tell me when I need to calm down, take it down a couple notches. Then they tell me when I do something good. I think what celebrities lose is that they lose touch with reality because everybody kind of works for them and they just want their job. But my family doesn’t care.
Beyonce Knowles -
Family - Celebrity - Good - Truth

When I hear a great new record, especially when it's by someone that I respect and admire, then a part of me is like, "Why didn't I think of that? Why didn't I write that record?" It makes you sick, but in a way it can be a great thing. It makes you want to go back to the lab and start writing again. Maybe it will inspire you to try a little harder.
Beyonce Knowles -
Music - Respect - Improvement - Inspiring

I'm not interested in the moment. I'm interested in how this is going to sound in 30 years time.
Beyonce Knowles -
Music - Interest

The drama and the demands and the pressure and all of the people giving you so much access to so many things can be too much. So couple that with everyone telling you you're so this and so that and so perfect and of course you can lose yourself.
Beyonce Knowles -
Celebrity - Stress - Self - Power

There's definitely a dangerous feeling when you're in love.. it's giving your heart to someone else and knowing that they have control over your feelings. I know for me, who always tries to be so tough, that's the dangerous thing.
Beyonce Knowles -
Relationships - Love - Risk

When you really don't like a guy, they're all over you, and as soon as you act like you like them, they're no longer interested.
Beyonce Knowles -
Relationships - Love - Control - Interest

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American Singer Beyonce Knowles
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