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Selection of famous people from the country of the United States of America. Includes Americans that were born in or have lived in the country for a large part of their life.
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50 Cent Quotes, 50 Cent Biography & 50 Cent Albums - Curtis Jackson or Fiddy is a New York City gangsta rapper and has released singles like "In Da Club".

Paula Abdul Quotes & Paula Abdul Biography - Famous American pop singer of the 80s and 90s, also famous for her role as a judge on the "American Idol" television series.

Tyra Banks Quotes & Banks Bio - African American supermodel and celebrity.

Yogi Berra Quotes & Yogi Berra Biography - Famous American baseball player (Major League Baseball), manager, and writer of witty one liners or yogiisms.

Halle Berry Quotes & Berry Bio - Famous actress and black American model.

Andrew Bogut Quotes & Andrew Bogut Biography - Australian born basketball player playing in the American NBA basketball league.

Chris Brown Quotes & Chris Brown Biography - Famous African American R&B singer, dancer, and entertainer.

George HW Bush Quotes & Bush Senior Bio - American president and father of George W Bush.

George W Bush Quotes & Bush Bio - United States president that led America during the Iraq invasion.

Dale Carnegie Quotes & Carnegie Bio - Self improvement author and motivational person.

Deepak Chopra Quotes & Chopra Bio - Indian born American Self help, spirituality, and health guru.

Chin Ning Chu Quotes - Chinese born American motivational speaker and business success consultant.

Bill Clinton Quotes & Clinton Bio - Former president of the United States of America and published author.

Cindy Crawford Quotes & Crawford Bio - Famous supermodel and business woman.

Tom Cruise Quotes & Tom Cruise Bio - American Hollywood actor and celebrity.

Miley Cyrus Quotes & Miley Cyrus Biography - Famous American pop singer and actress of the Disney Channel's Hannah Montana show.

Johnny Depp Quotes & Johnny Depp Bio - Quirky American born actor living in France.

Snoop Dogg Quotes & Dogg Bio - Famous American Gangsta rapper and actor.

Dr Dre Quotes & Dr Dre Biography - Famous West Coast rapper and rap producer that was one of the first gangsta rap singers.

Albert Einstein Quotes & Albert Einstein Biography - Famous theoretical physicist, Jewish person, philosopher, and best known scientist of the 20th Century.

Eminem Quotes & Eminem Bio - American rap singer, actor, and performer.

Tommy Franks Quotes & Franks Bio - American military leader and strategist.

The Game Quotes & The Game Bio - Famous west coast rapper and hip hop artist Jayceon Taylor.

Mel Gibson Quotes & Gibson Bio - American actor and movie producer raised in Australia.

John Gray Quotes & John Gray Biography - Life and relationships therapist + motivational speaker.

Michael C. Hall Quotes & Michael C. Hall Biography - Famous American actor known for his roles in the successful television programs "Dexter" and "Six Feet Under".

Curtis Jackson Quotes & Curtis Jackson Bio - Famous rap singer known as 50 Cent or Fiddy.

Michael Jackson Quotes & Michael Jackson Bio - Known as the King of pop, singer and performer.

Samuel L. Jackson Quotes & Sam Jackson Bio - African American Hollywood film actor.

LeBron James Quotes & LeBron James Bio - Popular basketball player in the NBA.

Michael Jordan Quotes & Michael Jordan Bio - One of the most popular basketball players of all time.

Beyonce Knowles Quotes & Beyonce Knowles Biography - Famous African America R&B singer and actress.

Queen Latifah Quotes & Queen Latifah Biography - Famous African American female rapper and movie actress.

Jennifer Lopez Quotes & Lopez Bio - Award winning actress, model, and pop singer.

Dr Phil McGraw Quotes & Doctor Phil Bio - Talk show, therapist and published self help author.

Joyce Meyer Quotes & Joyce Meyer Bio - Female christian television preacher from the United States of America.

Edward Norton Quotes & Norton Bio - Popular American actor of films like "Fight Club".

Shaquille O'Neal Quotes & Shaq Bio - African American NBA basketball player known as Shaq.

Norman Vincent Peale Quotes & Norman Vincent Peale Biography - Self help expert and religious author of the christian faith.

M. Scott Peck Quotes & Peck Bio - Therapist and self improvement author.

Rihanna Quotes & Rihanna Biography - Barbadian singer, model and entertainer based in the USA.

Anthony Robbins Quotes & Tony Robbins Bio - Motivational speaker and self help author.

Norman Schwarzkopf Quotes & Schwarzkopf Bio - American military leader.

Jerry Seinfeld Quotes & Jerry Seinfeld Bio - Comedian and actor from the Seinfeld tv show.

Britney Spears Quotes & Britney Spears Bio - American pop singer, actress, and performer.

Michael Stipe Quotes & Michael Stipe Bio - Lead singer of the REM music band.

Usher Quotations & Usher Bio - R&B pop singer and performer.

Kanye West Quotes & Kanye West Bio - Popular rap singer and activist.

Robin Williams Quotes & Robin Williams Bio - Famous American actor and stand up comedian.

Tiger Woods Quotations & Tiger Woods Bio - Famous American professional golfer.

Jay-Z Quotes & Jay-Z Biography - Famous quotes and biography of the African American rap singer Jay Z.

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