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Selection of famous people from the country of Australia. Includes Australians that were born in or have lived in the country for a large part of their life.
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Andrew Bogut Quotes & Andrew Bogut Biography - Australian born basketball player playing in the American NBA basketball league.

Tim Flannery Quotes, Tim Flannery Biography & Flannery Books - Popular Australian environmentalist, mammologist, paleontologist and author.

Peter Garrett Quotes & Peter Garrett Biography - Australian musician, environmentalist, and politician.

Mel Gibson Quotes & Mel Gibson Biography - American actor and movie producer raised in Australia.

John Howard Quotes & John Howard Biography - Australian politician of the Liberal party and Prime Minister.

Nicole Kidman Quotes & Nicole Kidman Biography - Award winning Australian actress.

Brett Lee Quotes & Brett Lee Biography - Famous Australian cricketer, fast bowler, and musician.

Elle Macpherson Quotes & Elle Macpherson Biography - Beautiful Australian supermodel and successful business woman.

Shane Warne Quotes & Shane Warne Biography - Famous Australian cricket player known as Warnie.

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