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Selection of famous people categorized by their country of birth or the country that they currently live in.

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Famous Australian People - Australia - List of famous Australians and celebrities from the country of Australia.

Famous Austrian People - Austria - Famous people from the European country of Austria.

Famous Barbadian People - Barbados - Famous people from the Caribbean country of Barbados.

Famous Canadian Quotes - Canada - Famous Canadian that were born in or live in the North American country of Canada.

Famous Chinese People - China - Notable Chinese people that were born in or live in the Asian country of the People's Republic of China.

Famous Colombian People - Colombia - Find famous Colombian people from the South American country of Colombia.

Famous Fijian People - Fiji - Listing of people from the island country of Fiji in the South Pacific Ocean.

Famous French Quotes - France - Search for famous French people and those that have lived in France, Europe.

Famous German Quotes - Germany - Notable people from the European country of Germany that included people like Albert Einstein.

Famous Greek Quotes - Greece - Famous Greeks and people that have lived a large part of their life in Greece, Europe.

Famous Indian Quotes - India - People that were born in India, lived in the country for a period of time, or have moved to India and are well known.

Famous Jamaican Quotes - Jamaica - Famous Jamaicans and reggae singers like Bob Marley.

Famous Russian Quotes - Russia
Immanuel Kant Quotes & Kant Bio

Famous Swiss Quotes - Switzerland - Famous people and notable leaders that have lived in or were born in the European country of Switzerland.

Famous Tibetan Quotes - Tibet - Celebrities and inspirational leaders from the country of Tibet.

Famous Turkish Quotes - Turkey - Listing of famous Turkish leaders, writers and celebrities from the country of Turkey.

Famous British Quotes - United Kingdom of Great Britain - Listing of famous British people that have lived in or were born in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Famous American People - United States, Famous African Americans or American Presidents - Listing of American celebrities and famous people from the United States of America.

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