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Famous Politician - George H.W. Bush (also called Bush 41, George Bush Senior, Poppy, Bush the Elder, Daddy Bush, 41, and the first President Bush)
born : George Herbert Walker Bush, Milton, Massachusetts, United States of America - June 12, 1924
famous for : Being the 41st President of the United States, Oil millionaire, Republican politician, and father of the 43rd American President George Walker Bush.
lives: USA.

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America needs to be more like the Waltons.
George H.W. Bush - Good - America

We know what works: Freedom works. We know what's right: Freedom is right. We know how to secure a more just and prosperous life for man on Earth: through free markets, free speech, free elections, and the exercise of free will unhampered by the state.
George H.W. Bush - World - Freedom

America today is a proud, free nation, decent and civil, a place we cannot help but love. We know in our hearts, not loudly and proudly, but as a simple fact, that this country has meaning beyond what we see, and that our strength is a force for good.
George H.W. Bush - Good - America - Freedom - Strength

We cannot hope only to leave our children a bigger car, a bigger bank account. We must hope to give them a sense of what it means to be a loyal friend, a loving parent, a citizen who leaves his home, his neighborhood and town better than he found it.
George H.W. Bush - Children - Parenting - Hope - Improving

Great nations of the world are moving toward democracy through the door to freedom. Men and women of the world move toward free markets through the door to prosperity. The people of the world agitate for free expression and free thought through the door to the moral and intellectual satisfactions that only liberty allows.
George H.W. Bush - World - Thinking - Freedom - Democracy - Intelligent

We live in a peaceful, prosperous time, but we can make it better.
George H.W. Bush - Peace - Prosperity - Improving

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Famous Politician George H.W. Bush
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