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American Rap Singer - Kanye West (Also known as Kanye)
born : Kanye Omari West, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America 1977, June 8
famous for : His hit singles and criticism of the American president George Bush and the American government.
lives: USA.

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George Bush doesn't care about Black people.
Kanye West -
Black - Racism

I am always confident in myself that what I put my all in, I could do it.
Kanye West -
Positive - Self

I hate music where white people are trying to sound black. The white music I like is white.
Kanye West -
Black - Music - White - Hate

I was expressing what I was going through. All the better artists.. I don't want to use the word 'great' because it'll come off as arrogant or whatever.. all the better artists in history have expressed what they were going through.
Kanye West -
Positive - Self - Music - Artists

I dropped out of school because I wasn't learning fast enough.. I learned from real life better.
Kanye West -
Learning - Life

I rap in such a way where the hood can respect it but I can sit right in front of a white executive and spit the exact same verse and he'll understand at least 80% of it.
Kanye West -
White - Rap Music - Respect

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