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American Actor - Michael C. Hall
born : Michael Carlisle Hall, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States of America, 1st of February, 1971
famous for : His role as a gay funeral director in the HBO television program "Six Feet Under" and his lead role in the Showtime television program "Dexter" where he plays a serial killer that kills serial killers.
lives: USA.

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When I was doing "Six Feet Under", people would come over and be all sympathetic towards me. Now, (playing the role of Dexter) they just look terrified and walk away.
Michael C. Hall -
Funny - Acting - Sympathy - Judgement - Fear - Killer

In a strange way, playing David (gay character in Six Feet Under) during the first season required me to get in touch with my homophobia. He had such internalized loathing for who he was. I certainly have moved forward in my life, in my own relationship to my self-loathing, by having played David.
Michael C. Hall -
Acting - Strange - Gay - Relationships - Life - Self - Hate

Dexter's a unique killer in that his father saw his dark impulses, shined a light on them, and told Dexter that he saw them, he accepted them, that Dexter is good and that he is worthy of love. And I think that's what enables him to focus his energies in this unique way.
Michael C. Hall -
Sympathy - Kill - Father - Love - Focus - Good - Energy

Sometimes people's eyes widen when they find out in one way or another that I'm not gay. All of a sudden, their praise for my performance (in Six Feet Under) gets ratcheted up.
Michael C. Hall -
Acting - Gay - Praise - Performance

I do think I grew up in an environment in which, in subtle ways, enthusiasm was not necessarily encouraged. There is something wonderful about celebrating who you are, especially if it follows a period where you get everything but that.
Michael C. Hall -
Encouragement - Enthusiasm - Childhood

There was always an impulse to perform in one way or another. Most of my experiences performing growing up were doing musicals, singing, being in choirs.. I sang in choirs when I was in college as well. I was a choir geek the first couple of years. Then I became a theater geek. I took an acting class my sophomore year and realized that in terms of my enthusiasm and aptitude, it was definitely the thing.
Michael C. Hall -
Acting - Performance - Childhood - Theater - Choir - Music - Geek - Singing - Enthusiasm

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