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American Singer - Michael Stipe (Lead singer of the pop/rock band REM)
born : John Michael Stipe, Georgia, United States of America 1960, January 4
famous for : Being the frontman and lead singer of the American R.E.M band.
lives: USA.

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Sometimes I'm confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn't obvious.
Michael Stipe (REM) - Thinking - Confusing Quotes

There are a lot of misquotes in music journalism, more so than even in the American news media, which is hard to imagine.
Michael Stipe (REM) -
Quotations - America - Music

There's a great distinction between actors and musicians, in that musicians for the most part have pride of ownership. We're not handed someone else's work to interpret; we're interpreting our own work.
Michael Stipe (REM) -
Music - Acting - Work

I think a lot of people that wind up being public figures, there might be some degree of insecurity that leads you to desire that kind of attention.
Michael Stipe (REM) -
Celebrity - Think

The degree to which I apply myself as an artist, as a song writer, is at the very least absolutely sincere and giving everything that I can. And that counts for something.
Michael Stipe (REM) -
Work - Music - Artists - Belief

We wanted George W Bush the fuck out of the White House and we wanted John Kerry in. And it didn't work. (Vote for Change Tour)
Michael Stipe (REM) -
Action - Political - F##k

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American Musician Michael Stipe REM
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