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United States Army Commander - Norman Schwarzkopf (Nickname of Stormin Normin)
born : H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr., Trenton, New Jersey, USA - 22nd of August, 1934
famous for : Served as Army General during the Gulf War 1991. Schwarzkopf was a United States Army 4 Star General.
died : 27th of December 2012 Tampa, Florida, USA

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My dad was a man of great honor, he was a charismatic leader.
Norman Schwarzkopf - Father - Leadership - Honor - Charisma

Any general who's worth his salt knows that war is not a Nintendo game, war is not something that's fought by robots.
Norman Schwarzkopf - War - Military - Leadership - Soldier

I always aimed high, my sights were always set very high, I always dreamed high.
Norman Schwarzkopf - Dreams - Goals - Ambition

Anybody who says they're not afraid of war is either a liar, or they're crazy.
Norman Schwarzkopf - War - Fear - Lies -

Fear will keep you alive in a war. Fear will keep you alive in business. There's nothing wrong with being afraid at all.
Norman Schwarzkopf - War - Fear - Business - Life - Wrong

Fear tends to cause you to focus, it tends to cause your adrenaline to run, it tends to cause you to perhaps see things in much, much sharper perspective at that instant.
Norman Schwarzkopf - Fear - Focus - Adrenaline

I was never a bookworm. I was always interested more in being well-rounded, rather than being viewed as perhaps an egghead.
Norman Schwarzkopf - Books - Interests

There's more than one way to look at a problem, and they all may be right.
Norman Schwarzkopf - Problem - Right - Solutions

The loss of every single person that's ever been under my command in battle has always hurt.
Norman Schwarzkopf - War - Killed - Leadership - Death - Soldier - Life

It's the sense of duty that keeps you going sometimes when things get very, very rough. Somebody's got to do it. And if you don't, who will?
Norman Schwarzkopf - Military - Soldier - Duty - Encouragement

Judge your enemy based upon capabilities, not intent, you have to look at the enemy and really almost make a worst case call every time.
Norman Schwarzkopf - War - Judgment - Enemies

Judge them as you find them. Never prejudge anybody, based upon any of those things that sometimes people are prejudged on.

Norman Schwarzkopf - Judgment - Racism - People

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