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Jamaican Reggae Singer - Peter Tosh (Also known as Stepping Razor)
born : Winston Hubert McIntosh, Westmoreland, Jamaica - 19th of October, 1944
famous for : Being a founding member of the Wailers (1963-1974) with Bob Marley. Peter Tosh went on to have a very successful solo career as a reggae musician. Tosh was murdered in his home during a robbery.
died: 11th of September, 1987

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Winston Hubert McIntosh was better known as the famous reggae singer Peter Tosh. Tosh was one of the main three founding members of the Wailers band along with reggae star Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer (also called Bunny Livingston). He went on to have a successful solo career after his initial success with the Wailers reggae group.

Peter Tosh grew up in the tough Trenchtown slums of Kingston, Jamaica. Along with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer the trio did much for the success of the Wailer band, promoting strong social and political messages, along with their beliefs in the Rastafari movement.

Tosh released his solo album "Legalize It" in 1976 which went on to become a great success and is still popular more than 30 years later. Legalize it refers to Peter Tosh's belief that marijuana should be legalized. The marijuana herb or drug, depending on who you ask, is used and promoted by Rastafarians worldwide.
On the cover of the Legalize It album Tosh is sitting in a marijuana plantations smoking herb from a pipe.

On the 11th of September in 1987 Peter Tosh was murdered by thieves that were trying to steal money from the famous reggae singer. Dennis 'Leppo' Lobban was convicted of shooting Peter Tosh and sentenced to death but had his sentence commuted and remains in prison. Lobban's two accomplices were not caught but it is believed they were killed at large.

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