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American Singer - Queen Latifah
born : Dana Elaine Owens, Newark, New Jersey, United States of America 1970, March 18
famous for : Making it big in the male dominated rap industry and for being an Academy Award nominated actress and Grammy Award winner (Best Rap Solo Performance).
lives: USA

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There’s still plenty to do. I think I’ll never run out of things to accomplish, as long as I’m alive, because there’s so much to learn, and so much to do. I always feel like I have so much further to go, personally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.
Queen Latifah -
Learning - Goals - Spiritual - Emotion

America is really on some race stuff. It's unfortunate that we don't deal with it and that's why it doesn't go away.
Queen Latifah -
America - Racism - Problem

I miss the '70's where you had shows like 'The Jefferson's' and 'All In The Family' where Black people could be Black and white people could be white. Racists could be racists, and non-racists could be non-racists, but it was talked about.
Queen Latifah -
White - Racism - Black - Talking

To be honest with you, all my life I’ve been in a battle to overcome my fears. I’ve had to take that chance with everything I’ve done, from riding my bike down that driveway, to skateboarding, to soccer, to every sport I every tried out for.
Queen Latifah -
Life - Fear - Overcome - Sports

For me, it might sound cliche, but beauty for me really does start on the inside. It's like a state of mind, a state of love if you will. Then, whatever you can do on the outside is all like a bonus.
Queen Latifah -
Body Image - Love - Belief - Beautiful

I never limit myself to supposedly typical female roles, let alone African-American female ones. Neither does my agent or my partner slash manager. So, when they’re out there looking for stuff, they’re looking for good pieces of work. Good ideas, not just a role for a black female.
Queen Latifah -
Black - American - Woman - African

People like to label you. I've never like being labelled. I can't take it because I'm never going to do the same thing over and over and over. I hate being limited. I hate being put in a box. The music that I've made, the way that I've carried myself, I've always had this weird broad audience.
Queen Latifah -
Change - Music - Weird

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American Singer Queen Latifah
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