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Actor and Comedian - Robin Williams
born : Robin McLaurin Williams, United States of America 1951, July 21.
famous for : Being a versatile actor and comedian able to play both ridiculously funny roles through to serious and engaging roles.
lives : U.S.A.

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Robin Williams was born on the 21st of July, 1951 as "
Robin McLaurin Williams". Robin Williams was born to parents Robert and Laurie in Chicago, USA. The family were raised in Michigan and California.

Williams started his career as a stand up comedian, before getting his start on television as the alien character "Mork" in the Mork and Mindy series. His first film was "Popeye" which was unsuccessful. Williams first film success was with the 1987 movie "Good Morning, Vietnam" where he played a funny radio commentator (with much of his performance being improvised ramblings of his own). He was also nominated for the best leading role actor at the Academy Awards for Good Morning, Vietnam".

Robin Williams went on to create a varied filmography, starring in roles ranging from funny, serious, through to scary. He is a very versatile actor, morphing completely into whatever role he was working on.

Williams is a fast thinking comedian when on stage, quickly changing from one character or topic to something completely different immediately. He is a skilled impersonator and mimic of celebrities.

Robin Williams is married to Marsha Garces, and he has 3 children. Williams founded the Windfall Foundation and also devotes time to the Comic Relief charity that raises funds for the disadvantaged.

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