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Famous Cricket Player - Shane Warne (Nicknames include Warnie, Hollywood, or Warna)
born : Shane Keith Warne, Victoria, Australia, 1969, September 13
famous for : Being one of the best spin bowlers in the world and has taken more than 600 test wickets.
lives: Australia

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Shane Warne was born on the 13th of September, 1969 in Victoria, Australia, as Shane Keith Warne.

Warne plays cricket for his state of Victoria, his country of Australia, and his club team Hampshire in the United Kingdom. Warnie has made leg spin bowling popular again during his career as a cricketer. Before Warne began bowling, leg spin was seen as a defensive style of bowling to limit the amount of runs scored, but with his prodigious skills, Warne made spin bowling a method of attack to take wickets.

Shane Warne made terms like flipper, googly, leg break, and topspinner popular on the cricket field. His skills as a leg spin bowler have been proven by the fact that he has taken more test match wickets than any other bowler in history. In 2006 he had claimed nearly 700 test match wickets.

Although his skills as a cricketer lie primarily in bowling, he has also proven himself a reasonable batsman. He bats low down the order, but has been known to score quickly and frustrate the bowlers on the opposing team. Shane Warne is still yet to score a century as a batsman, with his highest score being 99.

The personal life of Warne has been much talked about in the media with his much reported sex escapades and various infidelities while being married. One major scandal was the text messaging affair where he was accused of sending lewd phone messages to a South African woman. She was charged with extortion, but Warne was still punished by the media. Another media scandal broke when photos of Shane Warne and two 25 year old models were published.

The famous Australian cricket player is married to Simone Warne, but they are now separated. The couple have three children together.

Shane Warne has retired from most forms of cricket. In 2008 he played in the Indian 20/20 Indian Premier League (IPL) for the Rajasthan Royals. Warne was captain and coach of the team which won the series.

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Famous cricket player Shane Warne
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