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Australian Environmentalist - Tim Flannery
born : Timothy Fridtjof Flannery, Australia, 28th of January, 1956
famous for : His television series "The Future Eaters", and best selling non-fiction books about the environment, paleontology, and nature. Flannery was also "Australian of the Year" in 2007.
lives: Australia

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Dr. Tim Flannery is a famous scientist in Australia with expertise in biology, mammology, the environment, and paleontology. He has become popular with numerous radio and television appearances, published books, and documentaries. Flannery's views are sometimes controversial with both professionals and the general public.

Tim Flannery has published several respected science books and essays on Australasian mammals, the environment, and Pleistocene megafaunal species in New Guinea. He gained much popularity with his television series "The Future Eaters" based on his award winning book of the same name.

Professor Tim Flannery has also played an important role in the South Australian Museum, including his role as a director of the museum.

"It's easy to imagine that us Australasians have really made a secure future for ourselves here, but ever since the time the first Europeans arrived we've altered nature so much that we've become an exterminator species the third and most damaging wave of the people I call the future eaters." Tim Flannery

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