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Birthdays for May - Celebrities

Chris Brown Quotes & Chris Brown Biography - (Born May 5) Famous African American R&B singer, dancer, and entertainer.

Sigmund Freud Quotes & Sigmund Freud Biography - (Born May 6) Psychologist and published author.

Yogi Berra Quotes & Yogi Berra Biography - (Born May 12, 1925) Famous American baseball player (Major League Baseball), manager, and writer of witty one liners or yogiisms.

Ataturk Quotes & Ataturk Biography - (Born May 19) Famous Turkish leader and politician known as the father of modern Turkey.

M. Scott Peck Quotes & M Scott Peck Biography - (Born May 22) Therapist and self improvement author.

Norman Vincent Peale Quotes & Norman Peale Biography - (Born May 31) Motivational speaker and positive thinking guru.

Was your favorite celebrity born in May?

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