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Below is a listing of famous people categorized by their birth year. Includes all the celebrities listed on QuoteMonk by the year they were born in.

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Born in 1925 - Famous people born in the year of 1925 include the famous American baseball player Yogi Berra.

Born in 1936 - Celebrity birthdays in 1936 include the Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki and the American author M Scott Peck.

Born in 1944 - Celebrity birthdays in the year of 1944 include the reggae singer Peter Tosh.

Born in 1969 - Famous celebrities born in the year of 1969 include the African American rap singer Jay-Z.

Born in 1978 - List of famous people born in 1978 include Jamaican reggae singer Damian Marley and RNB singer Usher Raymond.

Born in 1988 - Famous people born in the year of 1988 include the beautiful black singer Rihanna.

Born in 1989 - Notable people born in the year 1989 include Chris Brown.

You may also wish to browse celebrity birthdays that have been categorized the month they were born in.

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