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Actor & Actress Quotes - Actresses - TV Actors - Famous actors and actresses from all genres and periods.
Mel Gibson, Edward Norton, Jerry Seinfeld..

Bible Quotes - Famous quotes from the Holy Bible categorized by book.
Proverbs, Psalms, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, ..

Famous Dancers - See dancers and entertainers.
Jennifer Lopez,

Environmentalist Quotes - Famous environmentalists, conservationists, and environmental activists.
David Suzuki, Tim Flannery, Peter Garrett, ..

Fashion Model Quotes - Famous fashion models, swimsuite models, Supermodels and photo models.
Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Lopez, ..

Military Leader Quotes - Famous military leaders, generals and war strategists.
Ataturk, Tommy Franks, Norman Schwarzkopf, ..

Philanthropists - A to Z list of famous people known for their philanthropy and giving.

Philosopher Quotes - Greek Philosophy through to Contemporary Philosophy.
Aristotle, Simone de Beauvoir, Immanuel Kant ..

Politician Quotes - US Presidents - Famous politicians, world leaders, presidents and government officials.
Ataturk, Bill Clinton, John Howard, George W Bush..

Psychologist Quotes - Includes psychologists, psychiatrists, & therapists.
Sigmund Freud, M Scott Peck, Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, ..

Religious Leader Quotes - Spiritual - Jews - Muslims - Famous spiritual teachers and religious leaders from the major world religions.
Dalai Lama, Rumi Mevlana, Eckhart Tolle ..

Scientist Quotes - Well known scientists and popular physicists that have contributed greatly to science.
Albert Einstein, ..

Self Help Guru Quotes - Includes authors, speakers, and motivators in the self help industry.
Tony Robbins, John Gray, Deepak Chopra, Dr Phil, ..

Singer Quotes - Pop Singers - Rap Singers - Popular singers, musicians and music artists.
Eminem, Usher, Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, Kanye West, ..

Sports People Quotes - Basketball Players - Cricketers - Professional Golfers - Famous athletes, sports people, and sporting celebrities.
Michael Jordan, Vijay Singh, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Andrew Bogut, ..

Writers -
Poets - Find published authors and bestselling writers of both fiction and non-fiction books and publications.

Famous People by Culture, Ethnicity or Lifestyle Choices

Activists - Listing of people that are known for their activism for different causes.

Black People - Black Actors - African Americans - Famous black people, celebrities, and inspirational black leaders from history.
Halle Berry, Shaq, Samuel Jackson,

Gay People - Find famous gay, lesbian, bisexual, and homosexual people.
Michael Stipe, Elton John..

Latin Americans - Latin American Women - Latin American Singers - See famous Latin American celebrities and leaders of their industry.
Jennifer Lopez..

Vegetarian People - Famous vegetarians and vegans that do not eat meat or poultry..
Michael Stipe, Tom Cruise..

Women Quotes - Black Women - American Women - Famous women and inspirational females from around the world.
Joyce Myer, Elle Macpherson, Britney Spears,

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