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Selection of famous Christians, Christian celebrities, adherents of Christianity, those that believe in the bible, Jesus Christ, and famous people of the Christian faith listed alphabetically.
Each profile has a biography and famous Christian quotes by the famous person of faith.

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Miley Cyrus Quotes & Miley Cyrus Biography - Famous American pop singer and actress of the Disney Channel's Hannah Montana show.

Peter Garrett Quotes & Peter Garrett Biography - Australian musician, activist, environmentalist, and politician.

Mel Gibson Quotes & Mel Gibson Biography - Australian raised American actor and director. Mel Gibson is a Christian of the Catholic faith.

John Howard Quotes & John Howard Biography - 25th Australian Prime Minister - Liberal Political Party.

Joyce Meyer Quotes & Joyce Meyer Biography - Popular Christian television evangelist from the United States of America.

Norman Vincent Peale Quotes & Norman Vincent Peale Biography - Self help expert and religious author of the christian faith.

M. Scott Peck Quotes & M Scott Peck Biography - Psychiatrist, self help author and religious author that became a Christian.

Norman Schwarzkopf Quotes & Norman Schwarzkopf Biography - American Army general and Commander during the Gulf War in Iraq.

Peter Tosh Quotes & Peter Tosh Biography - Rastafarian reggae singer from Jamaica that sang with Bob Marley and the Wailers and had a successful solo career as a Jamaican reggae artist.

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