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Aristotle Quotes & Aristotle Biography - Greek philospher that influenced western thinking.

Yogi Berra Quotes & Yogi Berra Biography - Famous American baseball player (Major League Baseball), manager, and writer of witty one liners or yogiisms.

Dale Carnegie Quotes & Dale Carnegie Biography - Self Help Author and Dale Carnegie Training.

Deepak Chopra Quotes & Deepak Chopra Biography - Self Help Author and Health Expert.

Chin Ning Chu Quotes - Chinese motivational speaker and self help author.

Simone de Beauvoir Quotes & Simone de Beauvoir Biography - French feminist, novelist and philospher.

Albert Einstein Quotes & Albert Einstein Biography - Famous theoretical physicist, Jewish person, philosopher, and best known scientist of the 20th Century.

Tim Flannery Quotes, Tim Flannery Biography & Flannery Books - Popular Australian environmentalist, mammologist, paleontologist and author.

John Gray Quotes & John Gray Biography - Life and relationship therapist + motivational speaker.

Immaneul Kant Quotes & Immanuel Kant Biography - Famous Prussian philospher and thinker.

14th Dalai Lama Quotes & Dalai Lama Biography - The 14th incarnation of the Dalai Lama, his Holiness Tenzin Gyatso.

Dr Phil McGraw Quotes & Dr Phil Biography - Therapist, American talkshow host, relationships expert, and self help author.

Joyce Meyer Quotes & Joyce Meyer Bio - Female christian television preacher from the United States of America.

Norman Vincent Peale Quotes & Norman Vincent Peale Biography - Self help expert and religious author of the christian faith.

M. Scott Peck Quotes & M Scott Peck Biography - Psychiatrist, Self Help author and Religious Author

Anthony Robbins Quotes & Anthony Robbins Biography - Self Help Author, Motivational Speaker and Therapist.

Rumi Quotes & Rumi Biography - Sufi poet and mystic that lived in Konya, Turkey.

David Suzuki Quotes & David Suzuki Biography - Famous Canadian environmentalist, television presenter, and geneticist.

Eckhart Tolle Quotes & Eckhart Tolle Biography - Famous spiritual teacher and author of "The Power of Now".

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