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Eminem is so talented it becomes annoying. Every time we go to the studio, he's got something new to play and it's like "Oh man, I gotta have something new to play, too."
50 Cent -
Rap - Music

Don't think that I was ever in the studio not paying attention to the legend. I soaked up so much motherf***in' game from Dre that I don't have to ever work with Dr. Dre again and I'm going to survive off of what I learned the last four years.
The Game -
Talent - Music - Learning

My whole surroundings is like a studio because my family has been into music for years.. and growing up we've had studios in our homes. So I practically live in a studio.
Damian Marley -
Music - Studio - Family

My family itself is very self-contained, as far as music. A lot of us create music. A lot of us know how to use equipment and so forth. We have a very tight-knit unit.
Damian Marley -
Music - Studio - Family - Creative

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