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I've got to drink: my mind keeps on working hard and fast to the point of suffering. I have to slow it down to rest it at times.
Ataturk Quotes - Work - Drinking

Since I'm always working, my best holiday memories are definitely when I can just go home and spend time with my family.
Chris Brown -
Working - Family - Holiday

Our rich texture of racial, religious and political diversity will be a Godsend in the 21st century. Great rewards will come to those who can live together, learn together, work together, forge new ties that bind together.
Bill Clinton - Cooperation - Learning - Working

I'm lucky because I can maybe work one or two days a week and stagger my schedule.
Cindy Crawford - Lucky - Work

When I work, I work very hard. So I look to work with people who have that level of dedication.. and I depend on that from everyone. From the director to my crews that I work with.
Tom Cruise -
Acting - Movies - Work

The only advice my Dad's given me is: If you ain't having fun, it ain't working, so always have fun with what you're doing. If you don't love it then there's no reason to do it. And don't do it for fame or money- do it because it's something that you feel is right.
Miley Cyrus -
Fame - Teaching - Advice - Dad - Fun - Jobs - Love - Money - Work - Right

The great majority work only when forced by necessity, and this natural human aversion to work gives rise to the most difficult social problems.
Sigmund Freud - Working - Problems

I'm actually very ordinary, except people get to pay their money to come watch me work. The same way that we go to McDonald's.. we don't care about the guy behind the counter, but if he was doing something special, we'd pay our money to go watch him cook that hamburger.
Samuel Jackson -
People - Work - Money - Ordinary

Sports is a real viable job choice for kids now. So kids focus on becoming the best athlete they could possibly be.
Samuel Jackson -
Work - Sports - Best - Determination - Focus

I thank God for the God-given talent He gave me. I worked hard to get to the point where I'm at.
LeBron James - God - Work - Basketball

I like getting up in the morning, going to work and coming home at night. I like things being very ordered.
Elle Macpherson -

If youre overpaid, with a job you enjoy, how can you not give something back?
Edward Norton - Acting - Work

Plan your work - work your plan. Lack of system produces that "I'm swamped" feeling.

Norman Vincent Peale - Planning - Work - Stress - Focus

Here's the point.. you're looking at affirmative action, and you're looking at marijuana. You legalize marijuana, no need for quotas, because really, who's going to want to work?
Jon Stewart -
Drugs - Marijuana - Work - Action - Funny

There's a great distinction between actors and musicians, in that musicians for the most part have pride of ownership. We're not handed someone else's work to interpret; we're interpreting our own work.
Michael Stipe (REM) - Music - Acting - Work

The degree to which I apply myself as an artist, as a song writer, is at the very least absolutely sincere and giving everything that I can. And that counts for something.
Michael Stipe (REM) -
Work - Music - Artists - Belief

The most common ego identifications have to do with possessions, the work you do, social status and recognition, knowledge and education, physical appearance, special abilities, relationships, personal and family history, belief systems, and often political, nationalistic, racial, religious, and other collective identifications. None of these is you.
Eckhart Tolle -
Ego - Relationships - Power - Work - Family - Political - Racial - Self - Belief

Bob do his work and leave, I have my work to do. The three hands that symbolize Tuff Gong on the label each symbolize one of us, the original Wailers. We did pledge as a group to continue the work of Rastafari, whatever happen. So I just continue the work, I not replacing no other worker. Bob use his style to give his message, I have to continue with mine.
Peter Tosh -
Music - Rasta - Religion - Work - Accomplish - Reggae Quotes

Hard work truly does pay off! .. I started a long time ago in hopes that this day would come, where I could be recognized for my hard work on my abs.
Usher - Work - Goals - Body Image - Fit

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