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The Dexter television show is a psychological thriller based on the novels by Jeff Lindsay about a serial killer that kills serial killers. Dexter first aired in 2006 and continues to be produced by the cable network Showtime.

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The crime novelist Jeff Lindsay wrote "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" in 2004, "Dearly Devoted Dexter" in 2005, and "Dexter in the Dark" in 2007. The Dexter novels were adapted to television by the screenwriter James Manos.

Dexter is an engaging and thought provoking series as the viewer is forced to question their own ethics; Is Dexter a good person doing bad things or is he a bad person doing good things?

Dexter has a set of rules and only kills the worst of society, not unlike a modern and gritty version of a superheroe. He only kills those that have already killed and are likely to kill to again, usually those that continue to avoid punishment from the law.

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"Dexter's a unique killer in that his father saw his dark impulses, shined a light on them, and told Dexter that he saw them, he accepted them, that Dexter is good and that he is worthy of love. And I think that's what enables him to focus his energies in this unique way."
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"When I was doing "Six Feet Under", people would come over and be all sympathetic towards me. Now, (playing the role of Dexter) they just look terrified and walk away."
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Dexter Actors and Actresses

Michael C. Hall Quotes & Michael C. Hall Biography - Michael C Hall plays the lead role of Dexter Morgan.

Julie Benz plays the girlfriend/wife of Dexter, Rita Bennett
Jennifer Carpenter plays Dexter's sister Debra Morgan
Erik King plays the suspicious Sgt. James Doakes
Lauren Vélez plays the role Lt. Maria LaGuerta
David Zayas plays the diligent detective Angel Batista
James Remar plays the role of Dexter's dead father Harry Morgan
C. S. Lee plays the horny wise-cracking crime lab worker Vince Masuka

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